We will introduce you to gamification techniques that will attract new customers, engage potential leads, build loyalty, secure your brand's positioning, and fine-tune your marketing plan.
A retro video game setup with a television, console and controllers. Understanding the impact of video games is integral to harnessing the power of Gamification.

let's play let's play let's play let's play

A person playing a video game using a Super Nintendo controller. Softserve Digital Development understands the power of play and gamification.

Harness the power of play
Gamification is a design process optimized for human use.

It is what happens when you scoop out the best parts of games and pour them into a working/professional environment. People have feelings, thoughts, motivations, desires and insecurities to influence every choice that they make. Game elements and mechanics address the humanness of people and drive their interaction and enjoyment.

game over

Do any of the following relate to you?

you are talking to yourself

Some days you feel like you’re talking to a wall. Your website is up, you’re on social media, and you send out emails regularly… but you feel like you’re talking to the same four people every time, and so when you’re running promotions or introducing new services, you’re not really getting to the people who would gain the most from it. Worse still; you aren’t sure how to find the right audience because you don’t even know who or where they are.
Someone struggling to exercise on a cycle machine, not knowing what you are doing wrong is just as harmful as not knowing at all.
A tomogachi, a classic video game toy that can be played with at anytime and anywhere. Players had to consistently play to keep their digital tomogachi friend alive and happy.

you want more participation

You want your customers to enjoy interacting with you and your company. Whenever you last spent eight hours sitting in a line at home affairs, you had a sudden realization – you hate being bored. Being bored is worse than being frustrated about bad service, because at least when you’re frustrated, there’s something to think about. Neither are ideal though, and you definitely do not want your customers to associate your company with anything other than helpful, efficient, and fun interactions.

you need to keep them coming back for more

You’re a little bit hurt. Your clients don’t come back; have they no loyalty? Your business offers so much more than a once-off service, but somehow, you’ve been placed into a box, left on a shelf, and now you’re gathering dust. You’re more than that, but you’re finding it a bit difficult to capture anyone’s attention long enough to let them know.
Fast food at a retro drive-in diner where you are served in your car. These restaurants were immensely popular and had everyone coming back for more.
A person sitting at a desk with a tall pile of documents, indicating a stressful work environment. This is something Softserve Digital Development tackles.

you want to create a work-friendly environment

You’ve noticed that your employees are dragging their feet a little bit. They’re late to work in the morning and they sigh with relief when at the end of the day when they can go home. It doesn’t sit well with you because you don’t want to be a prison warden; you don’t want your employees to hate their jobs, especially when you know that they are working in a field that they are passionate about. You want to foster a fun, engaging, working environment so that your employees love their jobs, but you’re not sure how to do so.

you want to improve workflow

Your employees are working, albeit somewhat slowly, and their sales have plateaued. You want to push them to the heights you know they are capable of, but you want them to enjoy the process. Problem is, you’re not sure how to motivate them to do it.
Someone typing on a typewriter. Typewriters revolutionized the work industry and quickened workflow tenfold.

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Respawn using gamification techniques
A large pile of old game cartridges. The video game branding was very small on the cartridge, leading developers to focus on impactful branding.

brand positioning

We want to initiate a long-lasting cycle of interactions between you and your customers. To do so, we must first dig into and understand the value of your product/service and what your customer’s needs and motivations are. We want to approach your potential customers and assist them to reach their goals.


By implementing game elements and mechanics, we will promote engagement and participation to build a sustainable and loyal customer-base. This will transform your business interactions into experiences that are equally enjoyable as they are memorable. By handing over the controller, we put your customers in charge of their own experience so that they take a more active role in participating.
An early model of a Nintendo controller, through using User Experience and understanding the engagement of video games, vast improvements were made to the industry, further boosting its success.
A small child and a puppy both looking at the landscape. This bond symbolizes trust, loyalty and companionship.

reward loyalty / creation

Engaging your customers while they use your service/product is simply not enough. It needs to be ongoing so that they keep coming back for more. Using gamification. We will incentivize customers to take further action. One way of doing so is through implementing a rewards system. The primary goal is to build customer base, maintain engagement, and establish trust with customers so that they remain loyal to your company. As such, rewards may be enforced in various ways and to varying extremes.


Gamification in the workplace is essential to building a fun, efficient, and engaging environment. Human beings are not machines; they are motivation-driven and rely on feeling valued and appreciated, like what they’re doing has purpose. By engaging your employees emotionally, behaviourally, and regularly, we will assist you in building the type of workplace that has workers excited for Mondays.
A toy robot. The robot is fashioned to have human-like features to create empathy.

what is gamification?

Gamification is a strategy used to create/simulate the experience of playing a game: implementing game-like dynamics and mechanics into a non-game environment to motivate participation. When applied in business, these mechanisms drive success by encouraging engagement, productivity, workflow and employee recruitment/evaluation.


Human-Focused Design is at the centre of gamification because games exist for one reason only: for the player to have a good time. Installing game elements and mechanics into your business can give your customers/clients an experience they'll never forget.
Old Nintendo controllers. Video games changed the entertainment industry for good, allowing people to take control of their own experience was a unique ability that no one else did.


Putting the controller in their hands means that the user steers their own experience. They want to participate; they want to know what comes next.
A claw machine with toys inside. A classic representation of creating loyalty through rewards.

reward loyalty / creation

Your customers’ experience/encounter is not a once-off. They want to take further action because they want to progress. They want to win prizes and with the right rewards system in place, they know exactly how to do it.
A scoreboard on a retro arcade machine. Showing scores in a game drives competition thus leading to better engagement.

leaderboards / ranking

Boost engagement by visually representing how participants perform with a leaderboard. Users want to do better when they see how other people are performing.
A Super Nintendo controller, a historical console that revolutionized the video game industry.

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We build better software, faster. Delivering innovative platforms to start-ups and enterprises. Whether your company needs a solution that will automate routine work of employees, store data/information or improve workflows, Softserve will develop Custom Software Solutions to your specification.


The success of an app or website depends significantly upon its UI/UX design. Users now have a lower tolerance for bad UI than ever before. If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly enough, they will go elsewhere. Softserve can help ensure your users find your site both interesting and simple to use.


Softserve loves to take something that is not a game and applying game mechanics to increase engagement, happiness and loyalty. Anything is better when we add a little fun and game to it.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing visibility of a website or webpage to those who use a web search engine such as Google. At Softserve, we have SEO experts to get you to the top of the list and stay there.


Web application development doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. Softserve Digital Development is a key provider of web application development services, and we cater to all sorts of industries; no web application development project is too daunting for us.


E-commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. This means that whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved in e-commerce. Our team is experienced in the most secure and user friendly shopping solutions.


Our awesome team of well trained and knowledgeable app developers create high quality and user-friendly mobile applications to meet our customer’s expectations on both iOS and Android platforms.


Social media has become a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy, but posting daily and coming up with content can be time consuming and difficult. Softserve manages your social media profiles and pages exceptionally, driving engagement and results that bring people to your brand.


At Softserve we know that creating content for a site can seem a little daunting, which is why we’re happy to help out. We help put together exactly what you need so that you can engage your visitors and keep them there so that they will buy your service or product through enticing site content.


The rise of the digital age means people are bombarded with thousands of brand graphics on a daily basis. At Softserve we help you stand out and ensure that all your designs communicate your brand to ensure the right message comes across the way it should.


Responsive web design adapts the site in accordance with the width of the display of the user's device.

Domain registration and hosting

Softserve Digital only uses the best quality hardware. We also provide local hosting that is secure and reliable as we have added measures set in place to ensure high uptime. Our team of professional experts will ensure that the service you receive is tailored to your specific needs, as well as your business.


A CMS will enable you to store important data and control where it is stored and who has access to it. We build custom CMS (Content Management System) solutions to manage content, websites, and various other web applications that are pertinent to your brand.

ssl certificates

Planning to run an online business requires an understanding of the necessary security measures that need to be in place before getting started. SSL certificates are one important part of this puzzle. is an open source web development tool created by Microsoft with the purpose of producing websites that catch people’s attention. It’s server-side too, meaning that the user is given a graphical interface in order to interact with a service. Additionally, this means that the user has limited access to the inner workings of proprietary software.


Webflow is a visual website editor, allowing for seamless creation of visually stunning and powerful websites. From a built-in CMS and e-Commerce manager, Webflow can do it all. Softserve is a certified Webflow expert, here to bring you the website of your dreams.


Our projects have a strong focus on engaging audiences and creating a wonderful and holistic digital experience. Softserve is driven by latest trends, techniques and effective online marketing strategies, website design, content creation and social media campaigns.
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What is gamification?

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Gamification is a strategy used to simulate the experience of playing a game; implementing game-like dynamics and mechanics into a non-game environment to motivate participation.

How does gamification build brand loyalty?

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Implementing game techniques into your business endeavours makes customers enjoy the time that they spend with you. This creates loyalty because they look forward to your next encounter. Additionally, rewards and prizes drive engagement and participation through the formation of an endless cycle, whereby the customer is empowered to continue to participate so that they may attain more rewards.

How does gamification help with marketing?

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Gamification in marketing is a strategy that aims to attract new customers and engages inbound leads. This is done in an ongoing loop of intriguing potential customers, nurturing their interest, getting them to reach out, and repeat.

How do I build customer loyalty?

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Build your brand into something that they can identify with and rely on. This will cause customers to appreciate the value you have to offer.

How will gamification help engagement?

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Gamification transforms your business into an interactive experience by challenging customers and offering rewards. This creates meaningful encounters that are equally enjoyable as they are memorable.

How does gamification help establish an efficient and fun working environment?

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Through positive reinforcement, gamification motivates employees to improve their performances and cultivates an engaging, fun, and interactive environment.

How do I improve my conversion rate?

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Your conversion rate, or the number of people that make a purchase/contact you after visiting your website, comes down to a couple of factors. Through co-creation we will pinpoint the potential issues and improve your site. Whether it is the overall usability, copy, or content structure of the site, we will improve your conversion rate.


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