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The usage of online marketing is vastly growing among businesses today. The main reason for this is that as more and more people are connected through the internet, it simply makes good sense to use this to your advantage and to market your business as effectively as you can through this avenue. We use Online Marketing tools including:

social media optimization

Social Media Optimization refers to the optimization of a website or specific web content to the social masses. It entails looking at a website from a social media perspective and how it will engage with your customers. The overall goal of SMO is to drive traffic through social media. This can be done by giving users the ability to share information or content from your website across social platforms. Examples of SMO include adding a “liking our page” facility or giving users social access by signing in using Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.


Facebook is the most popular social media website on the Internet. By using Facebook Advertising, you can achieve targeted advertising, reinforcement of brand/customer loyalty, a cost-effective form of advertising, and increased reachability to the target market through smartphones. You can choose between a CPC (click based), CPM (impression-based structure) or CPA (cost per action) payment structure. Contact us for more detailed information regarding Facebook Advertising Management.


Analytics is the process of analyzing the incoming and outgoing traffic from your website. This allows you to determine the audience that is visiting your site, the manner in which they are directed to your site, and what they are doing on your site. Interpretation of this data will allow for improved marketing campaigns through target audience identification, budget allocation, and improvement of web usability.

google ad words

Google Ad Words is another form of paid advertising or pay per click (PPC) advertising. Through careful analysis of your business we are able to select ‘keywords’ that aid the user in finding your website, as well as its products and services. The benefit of using AdWords is that it allows for an easy way to attract new customers and visitors to your site, it is cost-effective, and you can pause or stop at any time. It is also measurable through CTR, CPC, and CPA, which allows you to measure the return on your investment. Additionally, it is highly targeted in order to fine tune your advertising campaign through strategies such as optimal targeting hours, language targeting, and mobile targeting. The advantage of mobile targeting is that, as mobile consumption of information is growing exponentially each year, it will connect you directly with the user at the right time.

In summary, online marketing is a brilliant strategy for your business, and we are able to help give you the understanding and help that you need so that you and your business can be as successful as possible when it comes to this arena.

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