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What's a website if it can't be used? Websites are utilitarian in nature; even art project websites have some sort of use. However, sometimes it's possible for websites to have clunky designs that completely disregard the user experience and interactivity in favor of some overly elaborate design or just plain shoddy coding. Think back on a time where you had to use a website that didn't take user interface and user experience into consideration. Chances are you gave up on navigating the site after a few short minutes, thereby costing that website a potential consumer and several click-throughs. Softserve Digital Development knows that taking both UI and UX design into consideration is integral to a website's success. With years of experience in both design and development, our clients are sure to get the optimal balance of user experience and client satisfaction.

What is UI and UX design anyway?


UI is the user interface, which is how the user experiences the design of the page. UX is the user experience, which is the usability of the site itself. When taken in tandem, these concepts consider the norms of web development including the location of a logo and web content, while considering how the user can access and use the website on an intuitive level that makes the site enjoyable to use over and over again.

On a deeper level, user interface design is all about the graphics and content. Logos, copywriting material (or just general website content), other graphic enhancements' they all fall under this umbrella. If it's a visual element, then it falls under the scope of user interface design. UI design is important because it's what gives the website its distinctive look, and if it's done right it can leave a lasting impression on the consumer.


On the other side of the coin is user experience design. UX design is more about the actual coding and development that goes into building an enjoyable and usable website. Great user experience engineering can't happen with bad graphics, just as excellent user interface design can't make up for bad UX design. UX is what gives the website its life and determines the number of meaningful click-throughs that a website gets. So much behind the scenes work goes on with UX design, whereas UI design can be a little more upfront about what's going on.

In short, you can't have one without the other. UI and UX design go hand in hand if you're looking to build a meaningful and useful website.

All websites should be built with taste in mind, so Softserve serves up several different flavors of UI and UX design. We love coding and graphic design is our forte, so contact us today about how you can improve your user interface and user experience design.

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