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In order to have your personal web address you need to register a domain, which is the address where your website can be located. You will end up paying an annual fee for the registration and then a renewal for the domain. They are both worth it as the name that you use for your website is crucial to the success of your business. A business without a website in this day and age will be at a grave disadvantage, and we here at Softserve want to make sure that we give you every shot at success.


Having your website hosted on a server secures your websites, databases and emails. It also allows for your website to be live and available to the rest of the world. This is a crucial part of your website being successful as the server will provide you the space that you need for your website. Softserve provides both APACHE and Windows based servers, so that we can confidently host your application or website.

APACHE is available for almost all varieties of operating systems, allowing for it to be versatile. It also provides a wide range when it comes to the functionality of your website. It allows for support in various areas, such as programming language, modules, and security features such as SSL & TLS.

Windows based servers are available only for operating systems running on Windows, although it does expand to all versions within that niche. It also offers newer upgrades and updates, such as PowerShell. This particular tool allows for cleaner and more fluid command lines. This means that when you go to put in a command in your computer or your server that the errors are automatically cleaned up and you are only left with the best version available of what you wrote.

Softserve Digital only uses the best quality hardware. We also provide local hosting that is secure and reliable as we have added measures set in place to ensure high uptime. Our team of professional experts will ensure that the service you receive is tailored to your specific needs, as well as your business.

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