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Ecommerce is an ever-growing way to sell products and services. From subscription boxes to clothing and even groceries, ecommerce is definitely the way of the future. To ensure that you have the best spot in the house to get in on this exponentially growing market, you need to have a fantastic ecommerce setup. Here are a few of the features that you’ll need to be successful:

shopping cart

Having a quick and easy shopping cart system for your customers to use will ensure that you have as many sales as possible. It will also help to draw in new customers, as the simplistic and clean look will be appealing. You can also add in deals to entice your customers, such as free shipping. Overall, making sure that your shopping cart is the best it can be can be a huge factor in your success and in getting customers to keep coming back.

enticing storefront

When it comes to your website content, it needs to be appealing and to draw customers in so that they will buy your products. It’s like window shopping, only on the internet. You want your display to be fresh, updated and eye-catching so that people will stop by, look, and buy what you have to sell. Without this important feature in your selling strategy, you are going to be at a disadvantage going up against your competitors.


Having the ability to go in and create and/or edit your own HTML’s and CSS make your website run more smoothly and it helps you to feel in control, which ultimately, you are. With the help of experts from Softserve, we can show you how to do this and how to take advantage of all of the newest software and technology when it comes to optimizing your website and your shopping cart system.

custom built solutions

Here at Softserve, we offer custom built e-commerce sites that ensure a good user experience due to the simplistic architecture of the site, resulting in a reduced bounce rate and happy customers. This will boost your sales and increase the popularity of your site.

Through our collaboration with our clients, we are able to custom-build a shopping cart so that it flows to the exact specification of the client, the product line, and the industry in order to improve on ease of shopping and faster check-out times. The beauty of a custom-built solution is that it allows us to create an e-commerce site without the limitations of pre-existing third party plug-in shopping cart programs.

In conclusion, Softserve is the best company to go to with all of your Ecommerce needs. Whether you just need a little tweak or update here and there or if you need a full-on makeover and redesign, we are the ones who can get it done for you.

Contact us today and get ready to see your business grow!

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