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Web design and development is a hot industry right now, thanks to the proliferation of Internet startups and personal websites. After all, who doesn’t want a great looking website that runs smoothly? Plus, it’s hard to be a successful business in this day and age without visually appealing graphics and optimally coded web pages. Think back on several sites that you frequent: what do they look like? Were there constantly errors or little JavaScript hiccups here and there? Chances are that if you frequent the site, you actually enjoy using it. And usually enjoyable websites have excellent graphic appeal and near flawless coding.

web design and development

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But first, what are web designs comprised of?

Web designs are made of two main components, namely graphic design and coding. Graphic design is the aesthetic appeal of a page. In online content management systems such as WordPress, a template can be located and used on the subject blog or website. Some online website builders even have generators that allow the website owner to create their own logo using premade fonts and backdrops. The more skilled can create custom designs in Photoshop and construct the site to be presented in a Photoshop Design File, or .psd for short.

On the other hand is coding and development. This is the grittier part of web design and development, and requires a bit more specialization. Coding and development means that the design is converted into CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML 5 so as to give the design functionality. There are plenty of website generators online, with their own proprietary software that doesn’t allow the user to view the code. And learning HTML 5 is a cinch for many, with cascading style sheets being a little more of a challenge for the average lay user. Hiring a professional that knows both how to design a beautiful website and then make it functional is integral to a website’s success; without these key elements, it’s easy to end up with just another mediocre web page languishing from a lack of dedicate audience.

For us, web design and the accompany coding and development is just part of daily routine. We’re constantly updating websites both visually and functionally, working on both the front end and the back end. Having a great website means taking a holistic approach, which is why we stress the importance of understanding everything that goes into web design and development. Therefore, if more people know why great graphics and cohesive coding are key, then they can make informed decisions on who they choose to hire for their web development and design work. Softserve Digital Development knows how to serve up the best comprehensive web design and back end coding, which is why we know we could bring you satisfaction as our client.

Reach out to us today and let’s talk about your plans for designing and developing your website further!

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