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  • Mobile App Dev (compatible with iOS and Android)
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About Client

My Caddy is a mobile app that simplifies the golfing experience by connecting golfers with caddies and enabling cashless payment and rating services. It was created to eliminate the stress and health risks associated with handling physical cash during the pandemic. With My Caddy, golfers can enjoy their game without having to worry about payment and rating services, and caddies receive instant, secure payments.

My Caddy: The Ultimate Solution for Hassle-free Golfing

My Caddy is the perfect solution for hassle-free golfing. It's easy, convenient, and Covid-friendly, allowing golfers to save time and money by going cashless. Simply scan your My Caddy QR code to pay your caddy, and make a 3D secured payment directly to them. We continue to provide marketing insights, support, maintenance, and additional services to ensure that My Caddy remains the ultimate solution for hassle-free golfing.


My Caddy is for professionals engaging in a gentleman's game (golf) who celebrate with a beer at the 19th hole. They want their customers to feel as if they're driving off the showroom floor by providing an easy and convenient way to pay and tip their caddy.

The app had to be user-friendly, have an easy one-time setup, provide 3D secure payment, and incorporate a rating service that reflects the brand's values. The app had to offer payment security, tip and rate the caddy, and provide an easy payment system and we provided a whole range of services. Namely: Discovery, Corporate Identity, Mobile App Development (compatible with IOS and Android), FinTech, UI Design, and UX Design.


We helped MyCaddy find their voice. Their Brand Identity is consistent, unique, reliable and efficient.


We start all of our projects with a Discovery session to ensure alignment in bringing our clients’ ideas to life. We discussed the app's features and asked questions to find their "X Factor." We then did research and created Customer Personas to identify a target market.

Next, we established the brand's corporate identity and created a style guide that became the reference point for the app's visual layout and interface. We provided continuous updates to the client as worked, ensuring that the app worked exactly as they wanted it to, and the visual appeal matched their vision.

We helped My Caddy find their voice, creating a consistent, unique, reliable, and efficient brand identity.

Key Features

My Caddy's key features include a CMS Management System that pays out caddies and golf courses, a Mobile App that is available to download for both Android and iOS, and an easy-to-navigate UI that makes life simpler with cashless payments. The app is simple, convenient, and relaxed, allowing golfers to enjoy their game without any hassles.

Mobile app

MyCaddy is available to download for both Android and iOS. It features an easy one-time setup.

UI (User Interface)

Simple: MyCaddy is easy to navigate and use.

Convenient: Simple to ensure that it is easy to navigate.

Relaxed: Makes life simpler with cashless payments.


No hassle, cashless payments – simply scan your MyCaddy QR code to pay your caddy. You will be able to make a 3D secured payment directly to your caddy.