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Andrew Papoutsis
Brand Identity

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.


Understanding Your Audience

Without customers, you have no business. You need to learn all about who your audience is so that you are better able to understand them. What do they want from you? What problems can you offer the solutions for? What makes your solutions more unique than your competition? These are questions that your audience will want to know before they turn to your company for their needs. You can do market research to learn who your audience is, which can help know how to better target them to attract them to your business.
Once you identify your audience, this can help you understand how to develop the best products and figure out the best price points, you will become more successful.

How to Build Your Brand Identity

Brand identity isn’t all about your logo or colour scheme, though this is a part of your brand identity (and branding). This refers to how you communicate who your business is to the world and how it stands out from your competition. If you don’t know what your brand identity is, you may find yourself struggling in your industry to find your place. You may become stagnant and not achieve the levels of success that you hope to.

There are a few ways to build your brand identity. It starts by completing a brand strategy. What are your core values and missions? What is your brand messaging? Once you answer these questions, you can focus on things like your logo and colour scheme that will represent your brand identity. If you currently have a brand identity, take a closer look at it to see how you can improve upon it.

The next part involves you understanding who your audience is. Once you know who your audience is, you need to figure out how to get your brand to communicate with them. Your brand identity should be something that your customers want to regularly engage with. Without a brand that engages your customers, you won’t have any customers. It should be fun and exciting.

It’s also important to know who your competition is. This is because an important aspect of brand identity is to be distinctly unique from your competition. What makes you different? It could be as simple as offering a unique design element to your logo or offering a different approach to your products and services. While it is important to draw certain aspects and ideas from your competitors, it is vital to showcase what makes you unique and makes your offerings unique.

After adequately building up your brand identity, you are going to find that customers find you more credible. This will attract more attention to your business so that you can start seeing the growth that you have been looking for.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make,
but about the stories you tell.


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