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With the logo all done and dusted, we could now get started with the rest of Prostaff’s CIDP, starting off with their business cards which have a very clean and simplistic design. Not only does this mean that the Business Cards are not overcrowded with unnecessary information, but the clean design ensures the memorability of their cards. We’ve also redesigned their letterheads and folders to ensure their is uniformity in their corporate identity. When it came to their email signatures we wanted to give Prostaff a bit more than just a email signature, so we went ahead with the redesign and converted their signatures to HTML which gave us the opportunity to have all of their links clickable for social media as well as their email address itself.


The Corporate Profile and interactive Powerpoint Presentation

For Prostaff we’ve also done their corporate profile which ensures their business is rebranded throughout but what does this mean? Well, not only does this allow them to show off their awesome corporate identity, but they get to show off their business and what they do as well. The corporate profile is essentially their business and services summed up, which they can present to their clients. We’ve taken this a step further and turned their corporate profile into a fully animated and interactive Powerpoint Presentation which they can present in their business meetings. We’ve also redone all of Prostaff’s form from their leave forms straight through to their application form, practically redesigning their whole business


Online Application Integration

Prostaff had an existing integration on their website which gives their clients the opportunity to browse through all of the available listings and also send through their applications should they be interested. This is the one part of their website they wanted to move over to their new website and we’ve done exactly this for them, we manage to re-integrate their solution and change the styling so it stays uniform throughout their website. This solution is something we will be redoing for our client in the near future, which will be customized to their needs!