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Step 1:

The Logo

To represent Otima’s brand the best we can we’ve gone for a very simplistic approach with the logo. We used a clean typeface to ensure it has a corporate, yet fun, feel to it. Although Otima has a range of colours to represent them, their blue colour is very dominant, the colour is popular amongst bigger companies which is perfect as Otima has quite a big client base, it also gives off a calming feeling which symbolises loyalty, trust, wisdom and strength.


Step 5:

The social stuff

We’ve taken over Otima’s social media and we’re currently maintaining this, ensuring their page is always posting relevant content, this includes content that is exclusively for their Social Media as well as blog posts and articles for their website ranging from meal preperations to creative ways to use Otima containers.

Step 6:


What made the Otima project even more fun is the fact that we had the opportunity to take pictures of their complete range for their website. We’ve played around with this getting some nice hero shots which showcase their products beautifully. We’ve taken these pictures in Otima’s kitchen as well as our office, take a sneak peek at their website to see all of these!