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For My Travel Shop, we did a bit of a brand refresh starting with their logo and with this is a very important part of any company we wanted to ensure we give them something appealing with a very minimalistic design. The most dominant colour in their logo is most definitely the black which gives it a professional feel while being sophisticated and mysterious with a dash of orange for joy, happiness and freedom as that’s exactly what you feel when shopping for travel accessories and planning that getaway trip.



With the site all done it was time to get the show on the road, we designed an emailer for My Travel Shop announcing the launch of the new site. This was the perfect way to get the word out and while attracting some traffic to the website at the same time. The emailer is something we maintain for our client and send out on a weekly basis keeping their clients up to date with the latest products and specials as well as giving them some insight as to what you would need for your next trip. All wrapped up in one neatly designed emailer.




We’ve been maintaining My Travel Shop’s social media from the get-go and with everything else being refreshed we turned towards the social media for some love. We regularly update their social banners with some of their featured products as well as scheduling all of their posts month-to-month across all of their platforms including LinkedIn and Google+. Included in their Social Media Management is the boosting of their posts ensuring their preferred audience is being reached.



With everything else for My Travel Shop was all set and done we went back to give a little bit of extra attention to their SEO. With My Travel Shop having quite a lot of products we wanted to ensure we get all of their  URL keys using proper naming conventions and ensuring each of their pages have accurate page descriptions and titles. We also went a little deeper to ensure we get some of their keywords on each page emphasised and each page’s readability is good. We most definitely went all out on this one!

But the proof is in the taste of the pudding ..

Travel Shop  •  My Luggage  •  Luggage Shop  •  Travel Accessories

are all on the first page of google